Lenovo ThinkPad L421 hardware configuration Processor Intel Core i5-2540M clocked at 2.60GHz frequency 3.30GHz Core Memory 2GB DDR3 1333MHz memory (single) Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6470M Monitor 14.0 in. LED-backlit display 1366 768 resolution Hard disk 320GB 7200 rpm Battery 48Wh lithium ion battery Weight Weight 2.323Kg Travel weight 2.799Kg Pre-installed system Windows 7 Home Professional Today to introduce the L421, in the molds before the L412 with the same IBM LENOVO DC301000J00 DC POWER JACK CABLE CJ123, the difference is SandyBridge new computing platform with a higher efficiency, and an independent graphics and rich multimedia capabilities to achieve a work and play the best balance. Pure black color continues the tradition, but on the material handling process SL series and T series different. The new platform ThinkPad L421 matte scrub process using the shell, though not the traditional feel of carbon fiber coating and comfortable, but compared to the previous SL series of piano paint case, in the anti-planning, wear degree of performance is more prominent. ThinkPad L421 than its predecessor, length width high proportion of identical, with the 344 233 32-36mm, and the whole interface is also fully consistent with the location and configuration. Although the screen hook is gone, but the body design of user-friendly front-end of the groove with one hand to open the screen's purpose is the same, while charging, standby light is also designed in this, full use of the space. Due to cost considerations, ThinkPad L421 control slightly less than the thickness of the fuselage. L Series appearance and disappear in the R series is very similar, less light on the degree of T-series, but it remains the best experience. ThinkPad L421-screen axis is still the metal alloy material, compared to the L412 difference is that it no longer show his black spray paint, bare metal gloss can be considered the traditional design respect. Integration with the traditional model is different, L421 metal hinge axis concave screen design, which makes the screen can not be opened to 180 degrees. Performance of portable machine more general, in the case containing the battery, the whole weight of the 2.323Kg, although the backpack into the general will not have much problem, but greatly reduced the overall weight make portability. The travel weight, ThinkPad L412 is reached 2.799Kg level, the overall weight of emphasis. L-series does not weight control compared with the T series, but considering the L-series models are mainly based staff to meet the majority of business use, so the purchase price and the weight from the balance between the consideration, L412 weight is understandable. No screen hook, the classic "roof" and rubber feet are preserved, there is no roll cage, but with the full strength of ABS plastic and heavy body, ThinkPad L421 continues the tradition of durability. Also, note that L421 is still omitted the keyboard lights. The test ThinkPad L421 screen aspect ratio of 16:9,1366 768 resolution is the current mainstream. Personally think that the L-series loudspeaker design in the bottom of the screen will be commendable, because the screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the speaker's position just to fill a wide border of the blank, at the same time, the sound field can be more intuitive to the user with to a better visual experience. Classic full-size ThinkPad keyboard is essential, and its T series models have the same handling and comfort, the difference is, ThinkVantage, volume control and power button are located on both sides of the U-shaped keyboard shelf, while was to seize the position of the speaker lights are the camp. In addition, Esc and Delete keys generally do not like the T series of scale-up design. Turn off the microphone, speaker of the two buttons with concave design, user-friendly environment in a dark location, turn key, ThinkVantage button is also easy to locate the touch design, detail some of the highlights of the ThinkPad thoughtful place - if the keyboard lights at the same with how wonderful. ThinkPad L421 continue to use the traditional design of the TrackPoint plus touchpad, dual control methods to give users more control options to facilitate new and existing users to easily get started. The touchpad design is different from the scrub process of the control panel, which uses a form of floating-point design, improved handling at the same time, finger comfort is further enhanced. ThinkPad L421 compared with L412 in the interface without any change, DisplayPort support for high-definition video, audio signal output, 34mm ExpressCard can expand the variety of the corresponding external equipment, easy to manage. Count compound eSATA, L421 total of four USB 2.0 ports, one yellow rear fuselage charge off the USB interface support functions. ThinkPad L421 user removable bottom part of the body is divided into three parts, can be said that all of the hardware can be upgraded to be replaced by simple dismantling, very convenient. L421 supports the association of EE 2.0 (full name ENHANCED EXPERIENCE 2.0, which is often said RapidBoot Quick Start technology), with mSATA SSD can boot time by 30%, but its not soldered mini PCI-E slot is more unfortunate, and WWAN connectivity can not be achieved. ThinkPad L421 and T-series keyboard is not common, but not to shrink its trade unions to do, feel and T series in a draw at the same time, the bottom of the hollow design of plastic film covering, when the user click on each button , the formation of a small "balloon" to the internal air flow immediately up to remove excess heat. ThinkPad L421 inside the body without any aluminum-magnesium alloy roll cage, accounting for half of the aluminum metal played a substitute role, while a fixed alignment, and keyboard access to a heat transfer medium is its mission. Card reader, fingerprint reader and audio input / output less demanding of data transmission, set the independent chip and connected to the motherboard using direct connection with the natural and reasonable, but still revealed the details of the L series of cost control. Spill-resistant keyboard, the ThinkPad tradition, L421 also can not give up, its bottom of the keyboard has two water holes, and this corresponds to the body position diversion tank. ThinkPad L421 equipped with Intel Core i5-2540M dual-thread processor nuclear power plant, which has a 2.60GHz clock speed, Turbo Boost after a single-threaded up to 3.30GHz, 3MB of level three cache. Terms of the parameters, CPU performance is sufficient to cope with the heavy computing tasks, in addition it incorporates AES encryption instruction set, Trusted Execution Technology capabilities, at this point does not shrink. ThinkPad has never been a powerful graphics card support, L421 is also true. AMD Radeon HD 6470M attached to the entry-level graphics card, its main task is a simple picture, image rendering. In addition, 3DMark06 test, although the results were mediocre, but more than enough users in the office of his or her entertainment. i5-2540M processor with AMD 6470M discrete graphics, ThinkPad L421's performance is more balanced, but slightly less than 2GB of memory. Excellent heat has been proud to ThinkPad, but see this streamlined version of the fan, and will inevitably have to worry L421 heat, but the larger body letting the author of its interior space hopeful, following on to look at the actual cooling performance. Even though the use of the i5 + graphics card's hardware configuration, even though the use of a single heat pipe cooling fan, ThinkPad L421 fever control is still worthy of praise, a large body interior space has become a key man, this point with the previous R series is very similar . Note: The actual temperature in the run 2 hours after the PCMark Vantage test. ThinkPad L421 is equipped with a 48Wh lithium ion batteries, based on MobileMark test, DC Power Jack for IBM Thinkpad R30 R31 R32 #pj06-250 probably can use the four hours, which is the highest brightness of the screen, if appropriate to reduce the brightness, I believe will bring a longer life time. Summary ThinkPad L421 in the mold on the L412 compared to the previous identical, while the new Sandy Bridge platform, allowed to join the new life, while in the performance, it is a good continuation of the ThinkPad reliability and comfort. As a ThinkPad extensive product line, expand the market occupancy rate of the product, L421 relatively low price for the budget-sensitive users a new choice.